An overweight or obese person

Are you struggling with unnecessary kilograms?

I will help you solve this problem! Together we will determine what nutritional errors are causing overweight and we will choose an effective diet plan. You will receive not only help with the implementation of new practices, but also motivation and long-term support. Never make a mistake of starving yourself, use radical “miracle” diets, or torture yourself with exhaustive training. Do not experiment on yourself! With Just Health you will start to eat healthy and you will succeed in beating the overweight.

Your first steps on the road to success:

  • Take on the challenge and get involved in the weight loss process;
  • Make a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, it will provide you with motivation;
  • Together, we will set realistic goals for which we will aim;
  • We will establish a healthy and balanced diet suitable for you;
  • Take care of your daily physical activity;
  • Work on your mental attitude and make changes in your eating habits become part of your healthy lifestyle.

In all these stages Just Health will provide you with invaluable help and support!

Services recommended especially for you:

body composition analysis

weight reduction diet

fat tissue burning

slimming massage

lipids' metabolism test



green package
‘weight reduction’
silver packages
‘weight reduction’
gold package
‘weight reduction’
first visit;
14-day diet plan + dietary advice;
3x control visit;
3x 7-day diet plan.
first visit; 
14-day diet plan + dietary advice; training plan;
3x control visits;
3x 7-day diet plans; training plan.
first visit; 
14-day diet plan + dietary advice;
training plan;
5x control visits;
5x 7-day diet plans;
2x training plan.