Healthy living diet

Healthy eating diet aims to provide you with all the macro- and microelements in line with your individual daily intake. In accordance with this, the most important things is the quality of food, not the quantity. It is hard not to mention the above advice, however if I wanted to outline here all the other universal ruses of healthy eating, I would most probably bore the reader very quickly.

Healthy eating diet aims principally to eliminate the bad eating habits, and of course each one of us commits slightly different little sins. Therefore, an individual approach is so important. Additionally, the knowledge about what you can improve in your way of eating, I need to pass onto you in a way that you are ready to introduce these changes in your life, hence a personal contact here is really crucial. I invite you for a diet consultation, so that we can together start working effectively on your diet!

Opinions about Just Health

“Hania is both a fantastic dietician and a personal trainer. I like her individual approach, an amazing contact. She really has an extensive knowledge, the diet is composed individually and adapted to one’s needs and preferences. These are not ready-made diet templates that some dietitians are using. You can be sure that she does it with passion, and in addition she is a very friendly person. I can really recommend her services!”