Body composition analysis

Diagnostics is first and often the most important step in the process of introducing changes to our lifestyle. Of course there are no miracle diets, which will work for everyone. Each one of us is different! Fortunately, nowadays an offer of diagnostic tests is huge. We can therefore be very precise in defining dangers of any diet for any person. We can also do tests, which will tell us if using a specific diet by a particular person can be effective or is pointless, because it would not allow them to achieve the desired effects. That also applies to training plans. It is therefore worth taking diagnostic tests, which can help avoiding unnecessary experimentation and waste of time and health using a trial and error method!

Body composition analysis using Seca 515

Seca 515 is an equipment of the latest generation, which you cannot find elsewhere in Szczecin. This incredibly precise medical analisator performs the measurement through an 8-point electric bioimpedance analysis. When we look at the results, there is no question about a mistake, because Seca 515 calculates them on the basis 19 different measurement frequencies.

Via this method you can find out not only about your percentage and weight content of fat, muscle and bone tissue, as well as water, but you will also learn about a precise quantity of fat tissue, accumulated in the internal organs, as well as you will learn about a 10-year risk of cardiometabolic diseases.

In order to compose a suitable diet and training plan, it is necessary to gain the knowledge of one’s body composition, quantity of fat and muscle tissue, as well as their location. Having this knowledge enables us to compose a plan, which will be directed suitably, and as a result effective.

Body composition analysis is also incredibly useful when measuring progress and changes. Monitoring is an important element in the process of weight reduction, increase of physical activity, as well as achievement of individual goals. The result is the objective evidence of the scale of progress in the process of change.