Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiovascular diseases are still at the top of the statistics of illnesses causing death. Heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, hypertension and many other illnesses can result from impaired functioning of our blood vessels. It is then very important to look after the health of our veins and arteries. Physical activity makes the blood vessels more elastic and more adaptable to moment when we experience a lot of stress, sudden but intensive physical activity or any other sudden situations. Therefore exercise is very beneficial for people suffering from hypertension or atherosclerosis in order to prevent serious complications. On the other hand, not all exercise is safe for cardiological patients. Movement should increase the heart rate during exercise, but should not increase the blood pressure. Additionally, the position of the body adapted when exercising plays a key role in ensuring safety of the cardiac rehabilitation. Therefore, you need a professional care of a specialist, who knows perfectly well how to select appropriate physical activity to the state of your health. Fortunately, Just Health specialist, Hania Juchniewicz gained her experience in the United Kingdom looking individually after cardiological patients, as well as as he run group exercise sessions for people with heart problems, which were very popular. Now it is your turn to improve your health! Regardless whether you are suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, or are you in a group at risk of cardiovascular diseases or have had stroke or heart attack, we would welcome you! Regular and safe physical activity will improve the condition of your blood circulation system.