Diet whilst pregnant

Do you know that what you eat whilst pregnant has an impact not only on the future health of your child, but also on their psyche and your mutual relations? What do we mean by „future” in this case? Nutrition in pregnancy and during the 6-month post-birth period influences an entire life of your child. Ensuring complete nutrition is reflected in health not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. Your diet contributes to brain development, in other words intelligence and a way of thinking of your child. Habits and eating preferences are also shaped during pregnancy.

All of the above assumptions must be met by the diet during pregnancy. In addition, you also need to remember to ensure adequate amounts of nutrients for you as a future mum! You need to have enough strength and energy to tackle the new challenges that the motherhood will place in front of you!

Just Health Effects

Asia (38 years old) has come to me, because she had been trying very hard to get pregnant, without much success. Asia had managed to get pregnant few months earlier, however unfortunately she lost her child in the first trimester. A month later after the miscarriage, she decided to introduce changes to her diet to ensure she is getting all the essential nutrients through her diet.

Activities undertaken: an individualised diet that prepares the body for getting and maintaining pregnancy, recommendations for regular physical activity in the form of long walks in the forest and in the park.

Effect: after three months Asia successfully got pregnant. She is currently in her second trimester and the little one is developing well. Asia goes for a walk several times a week, her diet supplies both her as a future mum and her child with a complete set of macro- and microelements, and an appropriately set caloric intake ensures little and controlled weight gain. We are currently waiting for the arrival of Just Health’s new baby 🙂