Training plan

Based on your individual needs, Just Health personal trainer will compose a training plan including frequency, intensity, duration and form of exercise. Your training plan will be composed according to mutually agreed aims. Individual exercises will be described in detail. In addition, technique of doing them will be demonstrated on the day of picking up your training plan.

Ordering your individual training plan is also available on-line!

Obtaining a specialist advice is really easy. All you need to do is simply follow these few steps and an appropriately composed and bringing effects training plan will be yours.

1. Fill in the questionnaire

Remember that a questionnaire is the basis on which the training plan will be composed. Try to fill it in accurately and with a great level of detail. Accurately completed questionnaire guarantees a training plan tailored to your needs. Sign our rules and regulations and take a photo or make a scan of the signed rules and regulations.


Rules & Regulations

2. Pay for the service

Obtaining a personalised training plan is 150 PLN (250 PLN). The first price applies to a plan written in Polish. The second price applies to a plan written in English.
As part of this payment, you will get:
– professionally composed training plan;
– tips and advice on the way of training;
– an opportunity to ask however many questions you have about your new training plan.

In the title of your transfer, please put your full name, surname and on-line training (e.g. Anna Kowalska on-line training).

Bank transfer details:
IBAN: PL 86 1050 1559 1000 0091 4240 1091
Just Health Hanna Zbroja
NIP 851 317 27 79

3. Send

the completed questionnaire and a confirmation of your bank transfer to

Your individually composed training plan will be sent to you in 3 – 5 working days.

Do you have any questions or queries?

No problem! Contact us via phone or email and you’ll receive answers to any questions that you may have about your new training plan.