What is the underbone conflict and what to do about it?

Underbone conflict is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. The pain is caused by pressure on the structure of the underarm space. What is the under shoulder space? It is a space limited from above by the shoulder appendage of the scapula and raven-barium ligament, and from below by the head of the humerus.


In this space, the tendons of the rotator cone run, isolated from the shoulder shoulder bladder, through a fluid reservoir ensuring adequate slip, i.e. sub-barrel cassette.Under normal conditions, when this space is large enough, the head of the humerus together with the adjacent tendons of the rotator cuff slides under the shoulder process of the shoulder blades without hindrance during the movements of the limb.

In situations:

– posture defects and related muscle contracture

– injury

– degenerative changes

this space and friction decrease, i.e. the conflict between the structures located on the head of the humerus and the shoulder process of the shoulder blade. This leads to hypophagitis and the development of pain syndrome. This pain causes muscle contractures, i.e. intensifies conflict. This creates a typical vicious circle that needs to be interrupted to heal.

Treatment consists in reducing pain by administering anti-inflammatory drugs, most often they are anti-inflammatory injections, followed by proper rehabilitation aimed at lowering the head of the humerus. Such treatment is usually effective. Rarely, if the cause of an underbone bursitis is an incorrectly built shoulder shoulder process, surgical intervention is necessary.

To sum up, shoulder pain cannot be underestimated, because it may be an underbone conflict. It’s best to go with such a problem to a physiotherapist or orthopedist who will solve your problem.