Safe exercise for diabetics

Type II diabetes touches approximately 380 million people around the world, and it is estimated that this number will raise to 590 millions by year 2035. This is a huge number of ill people, to which you may be also included. If this is the case, we are really happy that you found our website! Exercise is incredibly important to ensure proper glucose management in the blood! You have probably heard this before…but after all if you take medicine regularly then this is how you can regulate your blood sugar level. Indeed you can! However, do you know that a therapy based on physical activity is much more effective than pharmacological treatment? Scientific research confirms that exercise is three times more effective in comparison to pharmacological treatment for persons over 60 years old, and 1.5 more effective for persons between 45-59 years old. Why would you then want to overload your body with excessive amounts of medicine?! Better sign up for the exercise with Just Health! Why Just Health? Because our specialist Hania Juchniewicz has experience in treating diabetic patients. She also has the knowledge on setting their exercise and meal plans around training to stabilise sugar level in their blood. Remember that both high increase and a large drop in blood sugar can be very dangerous to your health and life. Therefore entrust your health to the professional with experience gained abroad!