Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a form of therapy looking holistically at the human and their problem related to dysfunction of their motion organ. Our physiotherapist would not only deal with the specific condition you are suffering from, but also trying to reach the cause of the condition by assessing your posture, your overall motion, and the emotional impact on your pain.

In the manual therapy in addition to manual treatment, education and finding common habits that often lead to poor posture (e.g. sitting with hunched back, walking on tiptoes, stretching the muscles of the neck, raising arms towards the ears, clenching the teeth) play a central role.
The process of treatment is very important for you to learn about your own body and maintaining self-awareness of the patterns of response to stress and the factors causing the wrong posture.

During manual therapy, we deal with patients whose primary cause for ailments is dysfunction of specific organs or movement apparatus, on which pharmacological treatment does not work, or in imaging studies where it is difficult to find the cause of the pain and to make a specific diagnosis.

Let us help yourself and come to the individual manual therapy session at Just Health that helps you understand the disease, strengthen the body, fight pain, prevent pathological changes and help you achieve good mental and physical form!