Training whilst pregnant

During pregnancy, woman’s body experiences a lot of changes. The centre of gravity of the body moves forward, the load on the spine increases, your tendons become more stretched, the pressure on the blood vessels increases. In addition, many women have to deal with ailments such as spinal pain, swelling of the calves and ankles, or morning sickness. All these symptoms can be reduced by regular physical activity during pregnancy!

Stronger back and abdomen muscles will support and relieve your spine. Strengthened deep muscles will protect your tendon from injury. Improving blood supply in the legs, resulting from regular training, will protect you from swollen calves. Energy expenditure as a result of the physical activity will allow you to control your weight to avoid postnatal overweight. Regular training will also improve your hormonal management so that morning sickness will not cause you problems. Thanks to strengthening exercises you will improve condition of your skin, so that it becomes more flexible. By getting the body used to training of varied intensity will make you less likely to experience changes in blood pressure.

All the benefits of exercising whilst pregnant will be revealed to you by the Just Health personal training. You are probably wondering how safe it is to exercise during pregnancy. Don’t worry. You will be dealing with a person with medical education background, so all the exercise that you will be doing will be safe and beneficial for both you and the baby!