Outdoor training

During outdoor training we perform different types of movements compared to training in the exercise room, for example, while running our ankle is positioned differently and works more intensively on the path. This causes the deep muscles that stabilise the posture to be activated. It is also important to overcome air resistance and to resist even the smallest breeze. All these little details make your exercise in the fresh air more intensive.

If maximum amount of calories burnt is important to you and at the same time you have limited time, it will be much more effective to do physical activity in the fresh air. On the other hand, long-term scientific observations show that people who exercise outside exercise more often and longer. So we have a double advantage – training is more effective and longer!

Outdoor training also stimulates a greater regime, conscientiousness, and commitment to the pursuit of imposed externally or self-imposed goals and objectives. The feeling of monotony may be responsible here for the failure of a workout in the gym. Unexpected changes in landscape, directions of movement, pace or intensity and passing of new faces have a positive impact on your assessment of the effort. The natural environment is a kind of distraction from a grueling and exhausting exercise. You are less aware of the effort you are putting into doing the exercise. Time passes just a lot faster during such training!

Wait no more! Put your training shoes on, perhaps an additional t-shirt to keep you warm and it is time to start exercising in the fresh air with Just Health! Effects and good mood guaranteed!