First Aid

Nowadays, the risk of losing health or life on the street is very high – an increasing number of cars, wrong lifestyle, as well as supplying your body with harmful and toxic food products, as well as stimulants. At the same time, we distance ourselves from other people… We no longer need another man to survive, we do not care about another man, especially those lying on the ground … but until the time! Until the time when the victim is someone from your family – your child, mom, dad, sister, brother… Then a lot of questions arise: why did the  ambulance come so late? Why did no one help? And you, have you ever helped anyone?

We invite you for first aid training so that you can not only be able to give first aid, but also be confident and know what you are doing!

Workshop for children „First Aid at Home”

Workshop directed at children between the age of 5 and 13.

Programme designed individually for each age group, based on the experience, psycho motorics and skills of children of a given age.

During these classes, children will find out what is the most effective way of helping another person and become a Superhero.

Workshop duration time: 1 hour

First Aid Training

Training directed at adults, who are company or organisation employees.

As part of this training, participants will not only receive meritorical knowledge, but also practical skills. This way the participants will not be afraid to approach the victim and will have more certainty in the actions taken.

Training duration time: 8 hours (or two meetings of 4 hours each)

“Pre-medical Lifeguard” Training

Training directed at persons, who who would like to systematise and deepen their knowledge of the broadly understood Pre-medical Assistance.

The scope of the training covers completely the issues of health and life threatening situations. The practical side of the training is over half of its duration.

„Pre-medical Lifeguard” is a training that will give participants more confidence in helping the injured person

Training duration time: 16 hours  (2 days of 8 hours each)

Occupational health and safety training at the workplace

Compulsory training directed at adults.

After conducting the First Aid Training for the entire staff, the HSE training is free.

We also offer a permanent support of an HSE trainer.