Weight reduction diet

The first most important thing about a reduction diet that you need to be aware of is that this diet does not mean starvation. When you are on a slimming diet, you do not need to be hungry all the time!

A reduction diet needs to supply you with enough calories so that your body can function in a normal, appropriate and active way. Leading your body to exhaustion as a result of eating too little is completely pointless. One of the aims of a reduction diet is to indeed improve your wellbeing!

A reduction diet is all about preparing healthy food in a healthy way. Thanks to this, you can enjoy sizeable portions at the appropriate level of calories. On the other hand, the frequency of meals will stabilise level of sugar in your blood, so that you can get rid of the „sudden hungers” and sugar cravings. What is also really important to remember is the correct way of combining food.

Perhaps you already know this in theory, but are you able to put these things into practice? Don’t worry, that is why a professional dietician is out there to explain all the rules of healthy eating in a way that you will be ready to make changes and consciously introduce them into your daily life!

At last, you can forget about the mistake of starving yourself or using really radical ‘miracle’ diets. With the help of Just Health you’ll start to eat healthily and thanks to this you’ll succeed in combating the overweight!

Just Health Effects

Ms Halinka has proved that you can lose weight in a healthy way at any age (-17 kg)

Ms Halinka (65 years old) has come to me with a weight of 80,2 kg with her height of 165 cm (BMI 29,5). Ms Halinka has observed that her overweight is an obstacle in being able to carry out her daily tasks and she decided to reduce her size with the help of a specialist. Ms Halinka is generally a very healthy person.


Physical activity: Ms Halinka is a very active person, she walks a lot every day, using the public transport only when she is really tired. Apart from doing the chores in her own flat, she is also busy cleaning another single-family house.

Activities undertaken: 1410 kcal diet

Process: After one month achieved reduction of 2,7 kg, after two 7,9 kg overall, after six months an overall reduction of 10,1 kg, after 9 months a total reduction of 15,19 kg, currently we are at the stabilisation stage, where the weight changes by +/- 0,5 kg. It has been two years since beginning of the stabilisation stage 0 just in case we are still monitoring Ms Halinka weight.

Final result: reduction of 17,1 kg to 63,1 kg (BMI 23,2), reduction of fat tissue by 14,2 kg (from 37,5% to 25,2%), reduction of visceral tissue by 4 units, improvement in hydration by 8,5 %, reduction of metabolic age by 11 years!

Opinions about Just Health

„I can wholeheartedly recommend Hania – both as a dietician and  personal trainer. I have managed to lose 15 kg in 3 months, improved my fitness and state of health. I am really happy. I have learnt how to eat healthily and exercise correctly. Thank you!”

„Ms Hania is my guardian angel saving me from obesity. She is a fantastic professional with a good heart, ready to help others! I am so grateful I have been able to meet you on my way. Full professionalism and tasty food 😉 Diets are composed ideally and individually, you have really taken care of every little diet and we keep on fighting 😉 I CAN RECOMMEND WITH FULL RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Thank you”

Just Health Effects

Bartek has lost 19,4 kg in 6 months

Bartek (22 years old) contacted me with a weight of 18,8 kg and the height of 187 cm, thus a 31,1 BMI (BMI above 30 mns obesity). For breakfast (usually 5 hours after getting up) Bartek usually ate sweet rolls, additionally at work many colleagues tend to order fast food for lunch. As a young man, Bartek decided that he would like to take care of himself and lose the excessive kilograms.

Physical activity: Bartek trained in the gym regularly – about 3 times a week

Activities undertaken: 1600 kcal, training plan based on the increase of cardio exercises at the expense of strength exercises (the number of training hours remained the same)

Process: after the first month reduction by 7,2 kg, after three months reduction of 13,1 kg, after six months a total reduction of 19,4 kg

Final result: reduction of 19,4 kg, reduction of fat tissue from 29,6 % (tissue obesity) to 19,3 % (in norm), thanks to 14,9 kg reduction of fat tissue, reduction of visceral tissue by 6 units, improvement in hydration by 8,4 %, reduction of the metabolic age by 11 years.