Sport diet

A diet for a person who is active physically needs to meet a number of conditions and requirements . The most important ones will certainly be an adequately high caloric value and sufficient wealth of minerals and vitamins to meet your individual needs. At the same time, the focus needs to be on optimising your diet according to your training plan. Meals must be planned in a timed, quantitatively and nutrient appropriate fashion to provide you with a comfortable and effective workout. Remember that your diet will be put together by a dietitian who is also a personal trainer and has a medical education. This should be incredibly important to you! After all, the person who will give you advice on how to eat, should understand your training needs, and should have education in these two areas. Therefore, it is worth to entrust your sport development to Just Health!

Just Health Opinions

„Ms Hania is an extremely versatile professional with a great passion. You can feel that what she recommends is not only based on what she’s learnt. She herself leads a very active and healthy lifestyle, so instead of traditional templates and diets, she uses modern and interesting methods, which she learnt about when she was abroad. She can really motivate you. Her office is based in a sport centre, where you can benefit from her support both in theory and practice. And above all, she is a very nice and friendly person. I can recommend Ms Hania’s services with full responsibility.”