In order to start working on your diet, you need to first make an appointment, during which we’ll conduct all the necessary diagnostic tests and discuss your aims and motivations. Below you can read more about how this appointment looks like. However, if you want to find out more about a particular diet that is of interest to you, choose the diet from the drop down menu.

The first visit is all about identifying your needs and requirements. We will talk about your expectations and motivations. Identifying the problem and finding a solution is the most important element of this conversation. I’ll be trying to assess your health condition, lifestyle, food habits and physical activity. You will tell me about your food or activity preferences, as well as what’s possible for you timewise. I’ll also take into consideration your history of physical activity or diets previously used, as well as any changes to your eating habits.

The control visit is aimed at monitoring the changes. I do control tests of the body mass composition, as well as body endurance tests. During this visit we will be able to solve any problems that have arisen from being on the prescribed diet or training. One of the most important elements is also maintaining and raising the level of your motivation. You can take advantage of this service at any stage of the process of changing or maintaining your goals.

On-line specialist consultation is a service created especially for those of you that for any reason cannot come to Just Health in person. We can have our conversation about diet or training also via Skype. If you live abroad, but you trust Polish specialists more, our entire cooperation can be done online.

Getting specialist on-line advice is extremely easy. All you need to do is to follow these few simple steps:

1. Agree the date and time of the appointment

Phone or email Just Health to agree the date and time of the appointment.

2. Pay for the service

On-line consultation needs to be pre-paid at least 72 hours in advance of the appointment. In the title of your transfer, please put your full name and surname (e.g. Anna Kowalska on-line consultation).

PayPal transfer details:
Hanna Juchniewicz-Zbroja

Bank transfer details for payments:

IBAN: PL 86 1050 1559 1000 0091 4240 1091
Just Health Hanna Zbroja
ul. Ziemniaczana 18, 70-787 Szczecin
NIP 851 317 27 79

3. Prepare for your appointment

When setting the date and time of your appointment, our specialist will tell you exactly what to do to prepare for your appointment. However, some of the basic information that you’ll definitely need is your height and weight.

Do you have any questions or queries?

No problem! Contact us via phone or email and you’ll receive answers to any questions that you may have about your new diet.