A person with diet-related disease

A lot of diseases, as much as 80% are a result of unhealthy lifestyle. Research shows that in many diseases, a proper diet combined with physical activity is more effective than pharmacological treatment. Help your body fight the disease in a natural and effective way! Medications will only help reduce your symptoms and symptoms that are the result of the disease. However, to deal with the symptoms of ailments, you need to address the cause of the disease!

If you have a health problem, you need a dietitian and a personal trainer. With our customised diet and training plan, you will improve your health, control your disease, minimise your symptoms, and reduce or eliminate the use of pharmacological drugs. Take care of yourself today and make an appointment!

Services recommended especially for you:

body composition analysis

diet for diet-related disease

physical activity whilst unwell


blood glucose and cholesterol level check


green package
silver package
gold package
price: 850 PLN price: 1200 PLN price: 1700 PLN
you save: 100 PLN you save: 150 PLN you save: 250 PLN
first visit; 
7-day diet plan + dietary advice;
2x control visit;
2x 7-day diet plan.
first visit; 
14-day diet plan + dietary advice;
3x control visits;
3x 7-day diet plans.
first visit; 
14-day diet plan + dietary advice;
5x control visits;
5x 7-day diet plans.