Russian cleansing massage

Honey massage comes from Russia, but it was also used in Tibet and China. It cleans the skin by removing callous epidermis (even better than a typical peeling!). It also speeds up the metabolism through increased lymph circulation and warming of tissues, and thus – supports weight loss. It improves the elasticity of the skin and smoothes it, removes toxins and, at the same time, helps reduce cellulite. It reduces stretch marks, and it also relaxes and smells beautiful. At the same time it has an effect on eliminating muscle and joint pain.

Indications for the Russian massage include:
– Cellulite
– Overweight
– Muscle and joint pains
– Depression
– Lymph stasi
– Insomnia
– Cold
– Improving immunity

If any of the above concern you, do not wait and sign up for a russian cleansing massage!