Massage with hot chocolate

Massage with hot chocolate is one of the most pleasant forms of massage, which is why it is becoming more and more popular. It brings not only health benefits, but also mental relaxation. We use classical massage techniques here, but chocolate plays a major role. It is responsible for improving blood circulation and nourishing tissues, supports the reduction of body fat, and also helps fight cellulite. And all this thanks to ingredients contained in it, among others: lipids, vitamins from group B, vit. A and E or magnesium. What’s more, chocolate is a source of antioxidants, thanks to which such massage delays the aging process of the skin.

Who can take advantage of this massage? People who are struggling with obesity, nervous tension, poor wellbeing, muscle and joint pain, cellulite or chronic stress, but also all who just want to relax with a wonderful chocolate smell, because … who would not like it?!

Contraindications for this form of massage include:
– Pregnancy
– Infectious diseases
– Varicose veins
– Skin diseases
– Fever
– Circulatory disorders
– Tumor

In case of any doubts – contact our physiotherapist, who will answer all your questions.