Common sense in Polish tradition and hospitality

In our Polish tradition, unfortunately, it is already established that the festive table must burst at the seams, and guests can not leave the table with even the smallest free space in their stomach … However, this time we won’t be talking about the consequences of overeating. This time we will delve into another topic, namely food waste!

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Postoperative rehabilitation – what is it and why is it done?

When non-invasive methods of treating problems in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system do not bring the desired results, surgical intervention is often necessary. And one of the most important recommendations after surgery is postoperative rehabilitation. Are you waiting for such an operation? Now find out what awaits you after the procedure.

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Golfer’s elbow – how to deal with it?

What is golfer’s elbow? What are its symptoms and treatment? You will learn this from the article below.

Golfer’s elbow is enthesopathy of the medial epicondyle of the humerus, it is a pain syndrome of attachment of the wrist flexor muscles located on the medial side of the elbow joint. Pain is most often associated with overloading of the flexors of the wrist flexors.

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What is the underbone conflict and what to do about it?

Underbone conflict is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. The pain is caused by pressure on the structure of the underarm space. What is the under shoulder space? It is a space limited from above by the shoulder appendage of the scapula and raven-barium ligament, and from below by the head of the humerus.

In this space, the tendons of the rotator cone run, isolated from the shoulder shoulder bladder, through a fluid reservoir ensuring adequate slip, i.e. sub-barrel cassette.Under normal conditions, when this space is large enough, the head of the humerus together with the adjacent tendons of the rotator cuff slides under the shoulder process of the shoulder blades without hindrance during the movements of the limb.

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What is the patella lateral support syndrome?

Do you feel pain in the lateral part of the knee or during daily activities while running?

What is the lateral patella syndrome – you will learn from this article!

The lateral patellar support syndrome can be the primary and secondary cause of the development of ailments in the knee joint or the effect of functional problems surrounding the knee joint. A common feature of all these ailments is the noticeable pain in the knee area with a special location on the external side of the patella with its extreme lateral position.

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Recipes for a vegetarian barbeque

Many people avoiding or limiting meat consumption often face monotony, lack of ideas, especially for filling meals for social gatherings.

We know from experience that especially the barbecue season can be a nuisance for such people, so we decided to come to the rescue and share a few quick and simple recipes for a vegetarian grill to enjoy in the last moments of the well-awaited summer.

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Round backs what to do with them?

Are you sitting at work a lot? Your armchair and desk are not adapted to your figure? Are you starting to slouch? Does your back hurt?

What are round backs and what you can do about it – you will learn articles from it!

The round back is characterised by too intense work of the pectoral muscles larger along with the widest back. This causes the “closing” of the superficial tape of the upper limbs and the internal rotation of the humerus.

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Way of thinking, way of eating – part 2

Our mood, humour, psychological approach to life and diet is extremely important and has a huge impact on what and how much we eat. Even the greatest motivation can be completely weakened by one thought that has crept into our mind. Don’t let your assumptions and goals not be realised by a small mistake in thinking. Take mental and physical control over your diet! Eat consciously and according to your needs! Find out what thoughts to avoid to stay motivated and achieve healthy eating success!

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