Just Health for Kids – means easier future

Child is the Biggest Treasure!

Your child can be happy, fit, healthy and can now and in the future be full of positive energy. On top of that, it can be also very good at learning English and able to use this language for life. Without barriers and fears of using a foreign language. That is all thanks to the fact that this skill will be developed by Your Child not from a book, but during active real-life scenario classes.

The „Just Health for Kids – means easier future” English language classes are incredibly practical and effective lessons without books and homework! We are working together with children through constant interaction in everyday real life situations – both when playing and studying. We will play games, have fun and learn more about a healthy lifestyle. During these activities your Child will be surrounded by English language. The activity leaders will only be speaking English, your child will only be speaking English or will be supported to translate every expression to English. We do not focus on the correct grammar, but most importantly on how to pass on the information and communicate with each other. “Kali eat, Kali drink”, sign language, everything is allowed! What matters is English and mutual interaction. It is about breaking language barriers, being able to listen and pick up on the sound and tone of the language, so that a child feels comfortable surrounded by people speaking a foreign language. We do not envisage homework, but we encourage to attend the classes regularly. The frequency of attending classes is really important so that skills already gained are not lost. We know ourselves that if we do not speak in a particular foreign language for a while, we tend to forget vocabulary, phrases and language structures. Do not let your child start over and over again! Having said that, your child can join the group at any time. Variety of levels, children are at is in fact very welcome. Thanks to this, children will learn mutual tolerance, group work and willingness to support each other.

„Just Health for Kids – means easier future” are incredibly effective and practical classes providing your child with great time whilst having fun! At the same time, it is an excellent investment in a future, providing your child with better life and work prospects.  Give your child a better start to help to navigate effectively in the international reality!

The classes take place at Just Health at Struga 15 street.