Fit Kids – means happy kids

Physical activity classes for children „Fit Kids  – means happy kids” is an offer for parents who wish to activate their pupil or for parents, who want to spend some time together with their children at the sports center. Over the course of an hour, children will have the best conditions to spend time with their peers and to develop both physically and psychologically. They will gain new skills through having fun and playing games. The physical activity will provide your child with good health and a big smile on their face! Children come back from activities tired and happy, because they were able to go crazy and used a lot of energy in a fun and active environment.

Parents appreciate „Fit Kid” activity workshops, because they receive support during this difficult process of bringing up their child. Our activity leaders take care of the shaping of appropriate behaviour, therefore quite often even teachers can notice positive changes in the child’s everyday behaviour.

„Fit Kids  – means happy kids” provides an active craziness, good fun and a very smiley face of your child!

The activities take place at Just Health at Struga 15 street.