At this point, we would like to share with you the effects of some of our patients.

1. Weight reduction

2. Clinical dietetics

3. Dietary and physiotherapeutic support for athletes

4. Diet during pregnancy

5. Opieka nad dziećmi i nastolatkami


1. Weight reduction


Basia is an example of a beautiful weight reduction of a large amount of kilograms (18.6 kg in 4 months)

Basia came to me with a weight of 102.2 kg (BMI 35.4 kg / m2). From her previous experience, Basia knew that she could lose weight. However, she needed support, constant controls and nutritional education, so that this time the reduction would be long-lasting. The problem in the diet was not the traditional Polish pork chops (because Basia does not eat meat in general), but the wrong selection of macronutrients, as well as the lack of motivation to prepare home-cooked meals and putting the work above one’s own health. However, the time came when Basia decided to take care of herself!

Process: after the first month – reduction of 7 kg, after two months – a total reduction of 11.85 kg, after three months of 14.7 kg.

The effect after four months: a reduction of 18.6 kg, a decrease in body fat from 46.8% to 39.3%, due to reduction of 15 kg of adipose tissue, and a decrease of only 3 kg of skeletal muscle, reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 0.9 l, improvement of hydration by 4.9%. However, most importantly, Basia radiates with beauty and energy – the power of vitamins illuminates her face!

Of course, this is not the end – we are continuing to work.

Grzesiu acts fast (35.8 kg lost within 3 months)

Grzesiu approached me with a weight of 133.5 kg with the height of 182 cm (BMI 40.08 kg/m2). Grzesiu has moderate movement at work, he trained once a week (90 minutes), but during the day he fed himself mainly by buying fast-food at gas stations. He ate little food, but low quality. We used a reduction diet, taking into account the limited time to eat at work and his reluctance to fish.

Process: after the first month – reduction of 7.85 kg, after two months, a total
reduction of 18.9 kg, after three months 29.3 kg.

The effect after six months: a reduction of 38.45 kg, a decrease in fat tissue from 39.9% to 20.6%, thanks to a reduction of 33.64 kg of adipose tissue, and a decrease of only 5.5 kg of skeletal muscle, a reduction in visceral adipose tissue by 6,84 l, improvement in hydration by 12.88%. He is a new man! He looks a lot younger, definitely less tired after everyday activities, feels great, has a lot of energy (started to exercise at the gym to improve the appearance of his skin), wants to do things, wants to live! Congratulations!

Marek wanted to lose 10 kg and he did it because he rejected the excuses of lack of time

A lot of work?! Indefinite working hours?! Non-stop work for a dozen or so hours?! You can manage everything – if you just WANT.

Reduction of full 10 kg nearly there, but with these results, the beautiful proportion of reduced fat to muscle is the most important foundation! Thanks to this, adipose tissue is already normal, as well as visceral tissue.

The result: a reduction of 8.9 kg (- 2.63 kg/m2) of which 8.5 kg of fat tissue and only 0.76 kg of muscle mass. Reduction of visceral adipose tissue by half (-1.4 l). Improvement of hydration by 5%. Simply congratulations!

Monika lost 17 kg in four months

Monika (23 years old) came to me with a weight of 88.9 kg with a height of 173 cm (BMI 29.7 kg/m2). Apart from studying, Monika works in a restaurant. She did not have the habit of eating breakfast, and at the university, she fought hunger by drinking coffee with sweetened creamers. At work she based her diet on pasta with cheese sauces eaten in a hurry. Monika did not undertake any regular physical activity, but with the diet plan that includes her favorite pasta dishes, she decided to try to ride a bike to work.

Process: after the first month reduction of 6.4 kg, after two months, a total reduction of 8.4 kg, after three months of 12.6 kg, after four months 16.8 kg.

Effect: a reduction of 16.8 kg body weight, a decrease in body fat from 38.8% (tissue overweight) to 29.7% (in the norm), due to a reduction of 13.1 kg of adipose tissue, and a decrease of only 0.9 kg skeletal muscle, reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 3 units, improvement of hydration by 6.5%, reduction of metabolic age by 9 years. Monika also noticed that she does not need coffee anymore because she feels much better and has more energy, and through regular meals of large quantitiies but low calories she does not feel hungry! 

Halinka proved that you can lose weight in a healthy way and a permanent manner at any age (-17 kg)

Halinka (65 years old) came to me with a weight of 80.2 kg with a height of 165 cm (BMI 29.5 kg/m2). Halinka observed that overweight interferes with her everyday duties and decided to reduce her size under the supervision of a specialist. Halinka has very good health, moreover, she is a very active person, she walks a lot on foot every day, using public transport only when she is really tired.

Process: after a month – a reduction of 2.7 kg, after two months, a total reduction of 7.9 kg, after six months a total reduction of 10.1 kg, after nine months a total reduction of 15.9 kg.

Effect: reduction of 17.1 kg to weight 63.1 kg (BMI 23.2 kg/m2), reduction of fat tissue by 14.2 kg (from 37.5% to 25.2%), reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 4 units, hydration improvement by 8.5%, reduction of the metabolic age by 11 years!

Stabilisation: it has been two years since the above effect, and the weight is still 63.0 kg (BMI 23.1 kg/m2), and fat tissue 26.8%. As you can see, the effect is permanent.

Marek wanted to have more energy to play with his little daughter (-18.5 kg)

Marek (30 years old) came to me with a weight of 137.3 kg at a height of 198 cm (BMI 35.0 kg/m2). By introducing healthy nutrition, Marek wanted to increase his vitality and strength (without unnecessary weight) to look after his several-year-old daughter.

Physical activity: Marek has been cycling to work for some time. At work, he also has the opportunity to take part in morning cross-country races. Until now, Marek ran on average once a week.

Actions taken: reduction diet at the level of 2450 kcal, increasing the frequency of running up to three times a week.

Process: after the first month – a reduction of 5.8 kg, after two months, a total reduction of 15.3 kg, after three months 18.5 kg.

Effect: reduction of 18.5 kg of body mass, fat loss from 32% to 25%, reduction of 14.2 kg of adipose tissue, reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 5 units, reduction of skeletal muscle by a negligible 0.8 kg, improvement of hydration by 5.4%, reduction of the metabolic age by 4 years. The most important effect, however, is that Marek can now bend down freely to his little daughter and has a lot of strength and energy to play with her!

Bartek lost 19.4 kg in six months

Bartek (22 years old) came to me with a weight of 108.8 kg with a height of 187 cm, so his BMI was then 31.1 kg/m2 (BMI over 30 means obesity). For breakfast (5 hours after getting up), Bartek usually ate sweet buns, and he commonly ordered fast-food for lunch. As a young man, he decided that he wanted to take care of himself and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Bartek has been exercising regularly at the gym – about three trainings a week. A reduction diet with home-made meals was introduced, a training plan with the basic assumption to increase the share of cardio training in relation to strength exercises (the number of training hours per week remained the same).

Process: after the first month a reduction of 7.2 kg, after three months a total reduction of 13.1 kg, after six months 19.4 kg.

Effect: a reduction of 19.4 kg body weight, a decrease in body fat from 29.6% (tissue obesity) to 19.3% (in the norm), thanks to a reduction of 14.9 kg of adipose tissue and a decrease in skeletal muscle by 0.3 kg, reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 6 units, improvement of hydration by 8.4%, reduction of the metabolic age by 11 years.


2. Clinical dietetics

We regulate blood sugar and lipidogram

Here are the results after a month of Just Health dietary care:

– total cholesterol 227 mg / dl -> 193 mg / dl
– triglycerides 138 mg / dl -> 70 mg / dl
– LDL 147 mg / dl -> 129 mg / dl
– HDL 52 mg / dl -> 50 mg / dl
– glucose 100 mg / dl -> 82 mg / dl

We improve and stabilise blood cholesterol levels

Comparison after a month of Just Health dietary care:

– total cholesterol 250.88 mg / dl -> 212.72 mg / dl
– triglycerides 119.00 mg / dl -> 69.00 mg / dl
– LDL 148,32 mg / dl -> 125,20 mg / dl
– HDL 78.76 mg / dl -> 73.72 mg / dl
– HDL percentage 31.4% -> 34.7%

Often with age, many health problems start occurring: obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, reflux, heartburn, hypothyroidism, joint problems – but everything can be overcome if you want!

Ela came to me not only to reduce excessive body weight, but also to regulate the jumping high blood sugar level and to take into account the entire list of metabolic disorders. Weight problems began over 30 years ago as a result of hormonal disorders, so they were not “fresh”, easy to lose kilograms. However, Ela took up the challenge and decided to follow my recommendations diligently.

Physical activity: one physical activity undertaken by Ela was and are, for now, calm walks

Process: after a month – a reduction of 5.45 kg, after two months, a total reduction of 7.05 kg.

The effect after four months: a reduction of 9.7 kg, a decrease in body fat from 47% to 39%, thanks to a reduction of 9.24 kg of adipose tissue, and a drop of only 1 kg skeletal muscle, reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 1 l, improvement of hydration by 5.2%. Most importantly, reflux and heartburn have completely disappeared, the lipid profile looks much better, and the blood sugar level is stabilised. Ela feels great, lighter, but most importantly healthier. This does not mean that we have finished work here! Oh no! We have just changed the red colour to orange on the results, and our goal is green, the norm.

Lidia felt a great relief freeing herself from constipation

Lidia initially (in May) met with me to find out what SHE WILL BE ABLE TO DO  with the diet AFTER the medical examination (colonoscopy), which was scheduled for October (in four months). I was able to explain to Lidia that “there is nothing to wait for – you have to act NOW”! After three months of dietary care, Lidia fully understood my words.

The initial problems with severely troublesome abdominal pain, bloating and extreme constipation have definitely improved. We ‘chased away’ bloating and pains with proper nutrition completely! So far only small constipation has remained. However, Lidia is very grateful for the help and as she admits, most importantly, for the nutritional education. Now she knows what she was doing wrong and she knows why she should pay attention to certain elements in her diet. As she has this understanding, she willingly implements the principles into her life. She admits herself that it would be foolish to wait until October … She gained three months of better mood, lack of pain and a sense of lightness!

In addition, we have developed quite a good improvement in body composition:
– minus 7.5 kg of body mass (BMI: – 2.67 kg / m2),
– minus 6.06 kg of adipose tissue (- 5.5%),
– minus 0.5 liters of visceral adipose tissue,
– minus 11 cm from waist circumference.

Zdzisław took control over the pancreas by reducing its fatness

Sometimes the problem is not kilograms, but health and fatness around organs. Can you reduce the fatness of internal organs with a loss of few kilograms?

Sure! An excellent example is Zdzisław (65 years old). The initial weight of Zdzisław was within the norm (77.15 kg, BMI 23.3 kg / m2). However, the visceral fat tissue was at an elevated level (2.3 l), the adipose tissue was 18.4%. In addition, Zdzisław had big problems with the pancreas and intestinal peristalsis. After less than three months of work on nutrition, we achieved much better results: visceral adipose tissue in the 1.8-liter standard (-0.5), and fat tissue was 12% (-6.6%). All this while reducing body weight by only 0.5 kg. Health problems have also been significantly improved, and the main ailments and symptoms of diseases have decreased.


Małgosia lost 34 kg gained as a result of the Hashimoto’s disease, she also overcame the need to take medicines and does not take them

Małgosia (aged 37) came to me with a weight of 102.4 kg and a height of 170 cm (BMI 35.4 kg / m2). Additionally, Małgosia was diagnosed with the initial stage of Hashimoto’s disease. Małgosia decided to stop the disease with a diet and wanted to reduce her weight. On her own, she started working on herself, reducing the calories of her meals to 1100 – 1200 kcal. Unfortunately, the changes did not bring any effects … Małgosia has a sedentary lifestyle, her only activity was walking with her dog. We introduced a diet with the elimination of products intensifying Hashimoto, our cooperation consists of on-line consultations, because Małgosia lives in Norway.

The process: after four weeks, a reduction of 5.6 kg, after 3 months, a total reduction of 10.1 kg, after six months 17.8 kg, after a year 24.9 kg, after two years 34 kg.

The result: a reduction of 34 kg body weight to a weight of 68.4 kg (BMI 23.6 kg / m2), a waist circumference of 27 cm (from 98 cm to 71 cm) and a hip circumference of 22 cm (from 122 cm to 100 cm), and most importantly, the lack of development of Hashimoto, no need to take medication!


Michał, diagnosed with IBS, improved his well-being and regained feelings of lightness and freedom

Sometimes kilograms are not a problem, but health is in danger … In this case, the health problem is irritable bowel syndrome. It is difficult to show the most important effects of the diet on the charts, because these effects are improved well-being, elimination of bloating, reduced fatigue and the possibility of return to physical activity. These are the effects that Michał achieved after two months of compliance with nutritional recommendations.

Nevertheless, you can also observe positive changes on the results of the body composition analysis. With a reduction of only 4 kg of body weight, Mr. Michał reduced the level of body fat by 5.3% (5 kg), but most importantly, the visceral adipose tissue was reduced from 1.3 to 0.7 l (- 0.6 l), and waist circumference by 4 cm. At the same time, by implementing physical activity, muscle mass has been completely preserved, and even slightly went up.

Congratulations! There is nothing else to do, but to continue the nutrition adjusted to the disease and enjoy the well-being!

3. Dietary and physiotherapeutic support for athletes

So far, Just Health had the pleasure to work with:

  • Sports Club Dobra Marina – sailing (Optymist class and 420) and windsurfing
  • season 2019 Marcin Kleist and Julia Bień – sports dance, currently they are on the 73rd position in the World DanceSport Federation ranking
  • season 2018 Maja Wróblewska – preparation for the 2018 season in road cycling, during which Maja won, among others, gold in the madison and bronze competition in the omnium competition of the National Youth Olympiad
  • season 2016 Edita Mazureviciute – since 2015 representative of Lithuania in UCI Track Cycling World Championships, during which in 2016 she won 12th place in Women’s Points Race competition
  • season 2015/2016 Pogoń ’04 Szczecin – futsal, third place in Futsal Ekstraklasa
  • season 2014/2015 SPR Pogoń Baltica Szczecin – handball for women, Szczeciners won second place in the European Handball Federation’s Challenge Cup
  • 2014 Łukasz Kubot – tennis, victory at the Australian Open 2014 (in tandem with Robert Lindstedt)


Santiago de Compostela conquered!

Danusia (55 years old) turned to me with a request for help in preparing for a cycling trip. Danusia and her friend planned to cycle to Santiago de Compostela. Two months before leaving, Danusia suffered a serious knee injury. Danusia underwent orthopedic surgery, but she was afraid that in such a short time she would not be able to heal her knees and restore her full fitness. She was also worried that by “letting go” of the training she would lose her fitness further. Most importantly, however, she was afraid that she would not achieve her dream goal.

Actions taken: individually selected diet plan, properly constructed cycling training plan, two personal trainings during the week to rehabilitate the knee and strengthen the leg and body muscles.

The end result: in accordance with the plans, Danusia managed to cycle through Germany, France and Spain, happily and healthily reaching Santiago de Compostela! Huge satisfaction and joy! Nothing more nothing less!


4. Diet during pregnancy

the problem with getting pregnant may lie in nutrition

Asia (38 years old) came to me because she was trying hard but unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Although, Asia had got pregnant a few months earlier but unfortunately miscarried in the first trimester. A month after the miscarriage, she decided to make changes to her nutrition to make sure her diet completely meets the need for all ingredients.

Actions taken: an individually selected diet plan that prepares the body for the occurrence and carrying of pregnancy, recommendations for regular physical activity in the form of long walks in the woods and in the park.

The result: after three months, Asia happily got pregnant. She is currently in the second trimester, and the baby is developing properly. Asia walks several times a week, her diet provides the future mother and child a complete set of macro- and micro-components, and properly selected calorific value ensures small and controlled weight gain. We are currently waiting patiently for the birth of a new pupil of Just Health ward.


5. Care for children and teenagers

Gabi finally likes herself and moves more

Gabi (11 years old) came to me because she wanted to eat healthily and tasty, and at the same time she was keen to improve her figure. As a teenager she began to have problems with self-acceptance, so she wanted to gain self-confidence and like herself more as a result. Gabi was swimming once a week as part of the school’s PE classes.

Actions taken: varied and interesting diet, Gabi started one functional training weekly combined with an additional pool session.

The result: after 2.5 months, a reduction of 2.65 kg body weight (BMI -1.09 kg / m2), thus reaching the BMI standard for a given age, burning 2.79 kg of adipose tissue (- 3.6%, – 1, 0 kg / m2), reduction of visceral adipose tissue by 200 ml, reduction of only 0.3 kg of muscle mass, improvement of hydration by 2.6%. Currently Gabi has energy at school, can focus on lessons, she is motivated to go to cross-country training and swimming, and of course she likes it because she is a beautiful, slim and tall teenager!