Dead Butt Syndrome – does it also affect you?

Probably many of you are wondering at this point what this syndrome is, after all, the gluteus muscle is one of the largest muscles in our body, so how could it be dead?! But yes! A sedentary lifestyle (especially “coronavirus”) is definitely not good for us – and our buttocks in particular. We sit behind a desk, move by car or public transport, and our buttocks become lazy. You may be seeing an image of a flat, unsightly looking butt in front of your eyes, but the visual issue is not the only problem. Are your buttocks struggling with this syndrome? How to check it? How to deal with it?

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How to get out of the reduction period without the yo-yo effect?

In many cases, instead of changing eating habits, there is a “switch to diet”. This results in a sudden return to old habits and the usually higher calorie diet. The period of reduction should be the beginning of changes taking place both in the body and in thinking. The diet should not have a limited “from-to” time, it should permanently change health behaviour for the better, it should be permanent.


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Jumper’s knee – knee overload

Everyone knows that sport is health! However, not everyone knows that each sport has its own characteristic disease entities. If we do not train carefully, our body may be overloaded. Today we are talking about the so-called jumper’s knee, which most often bothers athletes, basketball players and volleyball players.

Do you have a pain in your knee? I invite you to read!

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Dance as a form of therapy?

Dancing has been with us for centuries and for most of us it is almost our everyday life. It is not exaggerated to say “dance is a natural medicine”. It affects the improvement of well-being, allows you to discharge emotions, communicate with other people, and also reflects our personality. What is choreotherapy, who is it for, are there any restrictions? You will find out about it by reading the article below.

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Can food improve your mood?

During quarantine, many people treat food as a stepping stone from daily routine. In many homes, scenes from Master Chef are currently playing out.

An inherent function of consumed meals is to improve mood. This is because of the company, the atmosphere at the table or the delicacies served, which melt in your mouth. There is an opinion that what is tasty is not healthy, and healthy “things” must be forced into yourself. Not once have we refuted this myth, but this time I would like to focus on aspects of healthy food in terms of raising satisfaction and improving mood.

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