Whiplash, whip pain

Have you ever had a car accident and your neck hurts as a result? Maybe a theme park roller coaster, which braked too much, caused a feeling of stiffness in your neck? Or maybe you accidentally skipped a step by running up the stairs and ended up with unplesant discomfort in the cervical spine? If the answer to any of these question is positive, you have probably experienced a ‘whiplash’. What is that? Read on to find out!

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Barefoot … through life?

“Put on your slippers!” Hear most children in Polish homes. Maybe it is worth letting them walk barefoot though? Maybe it is not without reason that they want to walk without shoes and take them off at the earliest opportunity? You can walk barefoot on the floor, on the carpet, on the sand and on the grass, on puddles on a summer day, on stones, and also on a special “obstacle course”. In that case, is it worth to walk barefoot or is it just a children’s play?

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Chinese bubble – a universal “medicine”?

Today we would like to bring you a little closer and tell you about the massage with a Chinese bubble. It has been believed that Chinese cupping massage is only used in the fight against cellulite – but nothing is more wrong!

Yes, it is an excellent solution to get rid of unwanted “orange peel”, but also works in the elimination of back pain or muscle pain. What exactly is a Chinese bubble?

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