Lipodystrophy – women’s enemy, i.e. everything about cellulite

A few words about cellulite, i.e. the nightmare of most women. Why does it appear, who is exposed and how to fight it effectively? If these questions bother you then this post is for you. I invite you to read ?



Distorted skin tissue, orange-like bumps are a problem that about 85% of women over 20 years of age are struggling with. Many people struggle not only with an aesthetic problem, but also with a health problem because of swelling and pain.

Occupied areas are usually:

  • hips,
  • abdomen,
  • buttocks,
  • upper and lateral thighs and knees,
  • back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades,
  • closer to the axillary pits,
  • arms.

Men can also have a problem, rather in cases of androgen deficiency undergoing estrogen therapy, suffering from prostate cancer. Contrary to popularised information, cellulite does not appear only in overweight women. Even very thin people struggle with it. So what’s the relationship?

There is no single, well-established and effective scheme to fight against it. However, in order to start leveling at all, one should get to know, and above all, understand its pathophysiology and aspects that distinguish it from normal subcutaneous and visceral fat.


Currently, the main cause is seen in disorders at the level of microcirculation, impairment of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue. In addition, micro-clots and micro-infusions (circulatory disorders) are also found.

The most important histopathological causes in microcirculation disorders that contribute to the formation of cellulite may be:

  • Poor oxygenation of tissues and cells
  • Impaired flow in the capillaries
  • Higher hydrostatic pressure of the fluid between cells and protein content
  • Damage to endothelial cells

The above-mentioned processes affect the structure of adipocytic cells (i.e. fat cells). They are entwined with collagen fibers, damaged and deformed, and then subjected to oxidative stress.

Evidence has been obtained of the effects of estrogen on the development of dysfunction. It has been shown that our sex hormones can initiate cellulite, affect its maintenance and even exacerbate the situation. Why such a hypothesis?
The occurrence of cellulite is definitely more common in women:

  • appears after puberty,
  • exacerbates during pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, hormone replacement therapy and when taking oral contraceptives.
  1. primarily physical activity (as prevention and treatment), the result is an improvement in lymphatic and blood circulation, oxygenation of cells, getting rid of toxins, fat burning, improvement of the appearance of the figure and head well-being. The basis is the systematic performance of exercises.
  2. proper diet, adequate sleep, no drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes
  3. it is advised not to wear too tight clothes so as not to restrict proper circulation
  4. while bathing, it is recommended to massage the body with a rough brush or glove from seagrass
  5. showers with cold, warm water (always finish with cold)
  6. body peels and the use of anti-cellulite preparations
  7. depending on the level of advancement, there are a number of treatments in aesthetic medicine, including mesotherapy, laser liposuction, endermologie treatment and others
  8. physiotherapy or massage can also be helpful. Classic massage, pneumatic massage, lymphatic drainage, or Chinese cupping massage.

As you can see, there is a huge range of methods that more or less help fight cellulite, which is why “combination therapies” are used. An example would be a combination

healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, physical activity) 
anticellulite preparates