Some tips on how to count sheep effectively

You suffer from insomnia, counting sheep before bedtime does nothing? Or maybe you always get up with your left leg feeling sleepy and yawning all day?

A night lost because of studying, partying  education, a party, or because of the constant rolling from side to side, may be associated with later fatigue that lasts for several days. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to get back to normal, sleeping up to 12 hours the next day definitely won’t work.

A sleepless night is associated with increased daily secretion of stress hormone – cortisol. The body is then constantly ‘stressed’, which may entail a decrease in immunity, concentration and an increase in the overall inflammation of the system. More importantly, however, is that in this situation there has been a lack of invaluable regeneration of the body occurring during the correct length and quality of sleep. Along with the lack of rest, the hormonal system is also disturbed – carbohydrate metabolism, testosterone production, insufficient amount of rest also increases the risk of insulin resistance. There is also bad news for people on a reducing diet – “non-sleeping” people may have a problem with fat loss, and what’s more, the less sleep you have, the greater your appetite, so the next days may be associated with excess calories!

Don’t get overcome by tiredness and suffer the effects of insomnia! We have several solutions for you that you can put into practice and get up every day full of energy and willingness to act!

Factors that can negatively affect proper sleep:

  • Light

The use of devices that emit light, mainly blue, such as smartphones, TV, computer can cause insomnia. Exposure to it interferes with the secretion of hormones that promote falling asleep and regulate the body’s overall circadian rhythm. Therefore, it is worth setting aside all devices before bedtime or, if necessary, providing them with applications that reduce the emission of blue light in the evening.

  • Stress

People under daily stress often suffer from insomnia. This may be due to the body’s constant mode of excitation. It is therefore worth ensuring mental and physical comfort and daily relaxation.

  • Noise

Continuous waking up, persistent noise can significantly affect the quality of sleep. After a night of few wake ups, by dog ​​barking, car alarm, we may feel insufficient sleep.

  • Caffeine

Circulating caffeine in the body’s blood can, not only can cause insomnia or excessive stimulation and, as a result, prolonged lack of sleep, it can also reduce the efficiency and quality of sleep. People consuming caffeine drinks in the evening are more prone to fatigue and lack of sleep.

Factors supporting good sleep quality:

  • A fixed day schedule

Stabilise your circadian rhythm, try to go to bed at about the same time every day. This can result in good quality and length of sleep, by adapting the body and secreting hormones that regulate sleep and wakefulness.

  • Favorable conditions

Make sure that the conditions: blackout of the room, moderate temperature and noise were under control. Work out optimal sleeping conditions that suit yourself.

  • Relax

It is important to take care of your body and mind after the whole day and before bedtime. Can soothing music, scented candles, a relaxing bath, or maybe a daily ritual with a book help?

  • Physical exercise

It is worth adding physical activity to your daily schedule. The link between physical activity and good sleep is bilateral. The more you exercise, the better you sleep, the better you sleep, the more you exercise.

So, let’s get started, double benefits guaranteed!

  • Magnesium intake

Incorrect magnesium intake can cause adverse reactions. During a deficiency of this mineral, the nervous system may be incorrectly stimulated, which results in severely distorted sleep quality. Natural sources of magnesium include: green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes.

It is also worth starting a day with a glass of water and gymnastics. But above all, it;s about getting up with a positive attitude. What starts the day, carries throughout the day, doesn’t it?