Do you already know yoga?

Backache, low physical activity, do you want to change something but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you run marathons, lift weights, train crossfit and think that yoga classes will be too easy for you? You may be surprised …

Do you also belong to people who think that yoga is just a very easy relaxation classes? Or maybe you only associate it with standing on its head and rolling the body into a shape of pretzel? Let’s take a closer look at it.

The yoga system can be beneficial not only for people who are crazy about sports, but also for those who are more crazy in an office chair.

What makes it different from other activities?!

First, restoration of muscle balance:

Each of us is more or less asymmetrical, if it exceeds certain limits, there are overload changes (e.g. one hip starts to hurt). Yoga restores balance because it is based on striving for the symmetry of the exercises performed.

Secondly, maintaining proper muscle length:

Elongation of shortened muscle parts (through stress, physical activity, long-term maintenance of one position …) reduces the risk of sports injuries and lowers tension pain often occurring in the lumbar spine, shoulder or hip joints.

Third, restoring normal muscle tone:

Contrary to appearances, yoga is not only stretching, many asanas require you to hold your position for some time, thanks to which the tension of postural muscles, i.e. those muscles that protect our joints in everyday activities, is maintained.

Of course, these are not all benefits, we chose only those that are the most important from our “physiotherapeutic” point of view. See for yourself if there is some truth in this and treat yoga as a supplement to rehabilitation. See you in the office!