Roller is gaining in popularity!

Have you ever heard about the term “rolling”? Or did you happen to see a roller with or without studs in the gym? Do you know what it is?


Rolling is a form of massage, and more precisely, a self-massage, which is done by yourself using a roller (roller). Roller can be smooth or have studs that increase intensity. This massage aims to relax and nourish the fascia and muscles through better hydration. But actually … What is this fascia?

Fascia is the tissue that surrounds your muscles, joints, bones, tendons and organs creating “clothing”, thus combining all these elements. When it lacks proper hydration, it has a worse range of movement, which makes it more susceptible to damage and may also cause pain. Imagine now that you are walking in too small, too stretched clothes … not very pleasant, right?!

That’s why rolling is so important. Thanks to it, you hydrate the fascia and you relax it, and thus your “clothing” start fitting and function as it should. Too tense fascia can give pain in a completely different place! If you have been to a doctor and he has not diagnosed anything, it is likely that the problem lies in the fascia. By rolling, you can prevent injuries, reduce muscle tension and reduce pain.

Can anyone roll then? Yes, but at the beginning it is worth going to a specialist who will show you how to do it properly. Bad technique or rolling of acute inflammation can only worsen your health and well-being. So do not wait and make an appointment with a physiotherapist! One rolling session takes about 10 minutes, so there are no excuses – you’ll always find time for it!