Meet the queen of spices! Meet turmeric!

Turmeric, a spice from the ginger family, owes its pro-health properties especially to curcumin, its main ingredient, which gives it a characteristic yellow colour. Used in Indian regions, where it originated, as a therapeutic agent without side effects (!), used for many purposes, including various liver diseases, digestive system, to relieve menstrual pain, and even as an anti-depressant.

Currently, it can be found in a fresh form, although this can be a challenge, in powdered form and of course in other mixtures of spices, especially curry, also as a dye (E100), among others in mustard and pasta.

However, due to its low absorption capacity, it is recommended to consume it with the addition of piperine, an active compound of black pepper. This combination will help the body to use the full potential of turmeric! Not absorbed turmeric will also find a task for itself, supporting the colon (part of the large intestine) locally and reducing its inflammation.

So what stands in a way of you adding this spice to your dishes?

If you are still not convinced, here is a list of its other amazing properties:

  • Antioxidants, thanks to the content of antioxidants – curcuminoids, which reduce the oxidative stress of cells, preventing their damage and aging. Its activity can be compared even to vitamin C and E.
  • Anti-inflammatory, by interacting with the factors that decide on inflammation, inhibiting their activation. Thanks to these two advantages, it can prevent, inhibit the development of diseases with underlying and inflammatory processes, such as rheumatoid arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) and cancer.
  • Antibacterial
  • Supports wound healing
  • It protects the liver from toxins, it can reduce its fatness
  • It lowers cholesterol levels, and thus reduces the risk of atherosclerosis
  • It improves digestion, metabolism
  • It has antitumor properties, due to inhibiting the ability of cancer cells to multiply and supports the death of these cells, prevents metastases and inhibits the process of tumor vascularisation in the human body
  • Increases synthesis and concentration of DHA (acid from the Omega-3 family), which may help people who do not eat enough fish (to which of course, we strongly encourage you!)
  • It reduces anxiety and the negative effects of stress
  • Turmeric supplement in long-term use reduces the perception of post-operative pain, joint pain and its chronic form