Whiplash, whip pain

Have you ever had a car accident and your neck hurts as a result? Maybe a theme park roller coaster, which braked too much, caused a feeling of stiffness in your neck? Or maybe you accidentally skipped a step by running up the stairs and ended up with unplesant discomfort in the cervical spine? If the answer to any of these question is positive, you have probably experienced a ‘whiplash’. What is that? Read on to find out!

Whiplash is a trauma to the cervical spine, which most often occurs during traffic accidents. During a sudden stop of a car, which, for example, hits an obstacle, the head first bends and then rapidly straightens, resulting in a large bending – straightening overload. This inertial movement of the head resembles the last phase of the movement of the whip, hence the characteristic name. This is most often manifested by neck and head pains, neck stiffness and movement restrictions. In addition, tingling and numbness may occur, and even eye or hearing disorders!

If this all sounds familiar to you and you have experienced any of these symptoms – do not hesitate! Consult a physiotherapist!