Chinese bubble – a universal “medicine”?

Today we would like to bring you a little closer and tell you about the massage with a Chinese bubble. It has been believed that Chinese cupping massage is only used in the fight against cellulite – but nothing is more wrong!

Yes, it is an excellent solution to get rid of unwanted “orange peel”, but also works in the elimination of back pain or muscle pain. What exactly is a Chinese bubble?

It is a vacuum bubble (cold), which sucks the air under pressure, resulting in a vacuum. The most common are bubbles made of rubber, but there are also glass or bamboo ones. All have a round shape and rounded edges so that they can easily suck to the skin. The technique of this massage originated from folk culture, where it was used to treat flu and cold.

The cupping reduce muscle tension, which causes, for example, back pain, as well as the compression of nerve plexuses and the gradual development of body ailments.

In conclusion, thanks to the Chinese cupping massage, we can reduce:
– backaches
– muscle complaints
– problems with joints
– pains of different origin, including migraine headaches
– problems with blood circulation
– cellulite
– stretch marks
– subcutaneous adipose tissue

As you can see, this massage has a very wide application, both healing and aesthetic, so do not wait –  just try and start feeling like a newborn!