How to keep your New Year’s resolutions on track? part 1

New Year’s resolutions… Initially, we have a lot of motivation, energy and willpower. Is that enough? It turns out that statistically 92% of people fail and do not fulfil promises they have made to themselves. However, do not worry, it is only January, so just the beginning of your road towards success. You do not need to become one of these persons! You can join the exclusive group of 8%!

Let’s take an example of a resolution: ‘I want to lose some weight, start eating healthily and become more active physically’.

Is that resolution well formulated? No!

This is your aim, outcome. It is an abstract concept, not related to any tangible activities. Our brain cannot understand such resolution, it does not have a clearly defined instruction, so it does not memorise it. A good New Year’s resolution would be for example ‘I swap the chocolate bar I eat every day for an apple’ or ‘On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I will run for an hour’. If you already have resolutions, consider how you have defined them. Modify them so that they become a defined behaviour, which you want to implement into your life.