New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolutions are an inseparable element of January self-reflections. We consider what we achieved in the previous year and what we would like to improve this year. And do you already have a list of changes that you want to implement in the New Year? Have a look which New Year’s resolutions are most common! Check them out and maybe you’ll get inspired 🙂

Over the Christmas period, nearly each one of us has determined some New Year’s resolutions. This is a very good phenomenon, we want to change for the better, we want to achieve more and we demand from ourselves increasingly more. New Year’s resolutions in themselves have a high probability of success. First, during the holidays we have more free time, and so we could calmly reflect and plan changes in our lives.

What are the most common changes that we want to introduce into our lives? Quitting smoking appears in the first place, up to 47% of people want to get rid of this unhealthy habit. Then, 38% of respondents want to lose weight or increase their muscle mass.

The bronze medal of popularity goes to improvement of the financial situation (34% of respondents). Since the first two places are related to healthy living, it remains for me nothing else than help you achieve success in implementing these longed changes.